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I am from East Hanover, New Jersey. My childhood was pretty fun, but I can honestly say I always had a camera in my hand. I have the tapes stuffed away in “Rocco’s Tapes” now, man I wish I can get those on here! After high school at New Academy in Livingston, NJ I went on to Albright College in Reading, PA. I graduated from Albright in 2001 with a Psychology/Communication Degree then the real adventure began! I attended Full Sail University to study film production. Upon graduation, I went on to begin his career in film and television production in New York City.

After bugging the UPM from Spider-man, Richard Baratta, who I can thank for giving me my first job in this business it all started on Spider-man 2. I went on to meet a lot of great people while working in the production department as a PA (production assistant) on jobs like Third Watch, The Sopranos and some other ones here and there. After a few years working as a PA, I decided to move in the locations department. From there I really  enjoyed myself and learned a lot from so many different Location Managers on jobs like Law & Order: SVU, I Am Legend, The Sopranos (again) and now I have been on The Good Wife since the beginning. It’s an amazing show to be a part of and it is really special to me that I have been there from Day 1.

As the years went on I formed Nisivoccia Films LLC in order to produce and direct my own projects. As the years pass and I continued to work on the project like the ones listed above, I directed and produced several webisodes, short films, music videos and commercials. My two short films “Eat Me” and “The Highly Observant Bill White” are currently running in the film festival circuit and have earned me recognition among my peers.

Now, after learning and gaining more knowledge working side by side with some of the best directors and producers in NYC, I have reached the comfort level to move on to the next step, a full feature length film. This is my ultimate goal and with the team I have gathered I really think it will happen soon!

If you want to contact me, please feel free! My email address is NisivocciaFilms@aol.com or RoccoNis@gmail.com

Rocco Nisivoccia Directing and Editing Reel

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