It Simply Takes Time…

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything, so I thought it was time too. The biggest thing on my mind is the post production for my first feature film that I directed and co-wrote, “Zombies Vs. Joe Alien”. I will say that sometimes I do feel like a prisoner to this passion and I am sure these guys agree with me.


But we do it because we love it, no other reason. Now with all this complaining, I will say this, this film is turning out awesome! You all know that I raved about my producing parters during prep, they I couldn’t stop tell you all how awesome my cast/crew is when we were filming, but I don’t think that I talked too much about the post crew. As always, Ralph and Patrick are right there with me, but some new members have joined us in this stage. First and foremost is Michael Akers, our visual effects artist, man what I find! Mike is doing some things that are going to knock your socks off. I am so happy to have found this guy. It’s been a great collaboration, we tell him what we are thinking then he gives us his feedback then runs with it. I am learning to give people there space through him because I tell him what’s in my head, it sparks something in his, he ask to try something and then the end result… awesome. It has been so much fun and a lot of time, credit really goes to him for sticking through it all with us, thanks mike!

Zombies Vs Joe Alien

The next group is Chris Munger of the band My World. We have scored a trailer with them and now we are about to get into the feature and I couldn’t be more excited. Next is someone who helped us early on and created an amazing poster for us, Richard Johnson of Spectacle Photo, talk about talented! I met Rich back in Full Sail and I couldn’t be happier that we reconnected. Now I  know what you are saying, “what poster?” It’s coming, I just want to hold on to it for when we release something special, so it’s coming soon. Next up is going to be coloring and audio design, I’ll post more when I get to that phase. So, the year will be 2015 and the movie will see the light of day. Who knows where it will go, but I am betting that you will see it somewhere, so stay tuned!

Prepping and it feels so good!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the feature film is coming! It’s been a while since the last time I dove into director a full piece like this, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been haunting me ever since Fitz said “that’s a wrap” on The Highly Observant Bill White. Man, this feels good. I have written this script along with a new friend who is an amazing artist, Matthew Hill. (click on his name to see his awesome work) The project is called Zombies vs. Joe Alien, of course I couldn’t pull myself away from the zombies. My idea for this one comes from the show Quantum Leap, do you remember it? You should because it was awesome. I’ve taken the concept of leaping into another body, mixed it with time travel, add a alien coming here for his spring break and all in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.  What do you get? Zombies vs Joe Alien!

For this project, I am trying to get the old band back together including Ralph Riccardi, Patrick Cooley, Vincent Morano, David Occhino, Drew Ravani, Michael Gomes, Erick Freitas, James Fitzgerald, Susie Prisk and many other people who I totally cherish. It’s a special group that I had on my films, so it is very important to me to have them back along with some new faces. As we move along with the project I will keep everyone posted. Until then, keep filming!

A great review!

Hey Everyone!

Here is a great review for the short film I directed, “Eat Me” by Scotty Floronic of If you would like to read it, click HERE! If you are looking for more about the short, check out the site for the feature film of it at  Also, if you want to see the short that is being reviewed here, head of over to the website for the distribution company it is under, Continumm Pictures and check out where it is available. Finally, while you are hanging out at their site, be sure to check out my other two films The Highly Observant Bill White and The Noogies.

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Ok, but I want more.

I just wanted a place to write this down, this is cheaper than a therapist, lol. I want more. Sure, things are going great at The Good Wife, I have an amazing daughter and a beautiful wife but I want more out of my career. For them, for me, for my sanity. My father busted his ass and gave everything to his family, put my sisters and I in the best schools, gave us a shore house, a boat, lots of trips (heck him and I are going to miami next weekend) the list goes on and on, I want that. The only way to get it, is keep telling myself I want more. I want to  get int the DGA and be shooting again, but sometimes life and other obstacles get in the way. How can I get pass this? I ask myself that question almost every day. I will get pass it, because… I want more. Sometimes I feel like the hamster on a wheel (god knows I wouldn’t last very long on a wheel) just running and running, but to go where? Rejection keeps me at bay, keeps me on the wheel. It takes a lot to put yourself out there with these projects or to be told I didn’t get the job because I’m not in the union when I know I could run circles around some of the people who get jobs over me. I’m not scared of failure, I’m scared of not meeting my own expectations and giving my family the life they deserve, so… I want more.  All my life I have wanted to get to the next step, then when I achieve it, I want the next step. When will I be satisfied with my accomplishments? Where am I now? Still not in the DGA and I haven’t shot anything real since The Highly Observant Bill White. I will shoot something soon, projects are lurking around, one just has to pop. As for the DGA, someone will eventually remember that they got their first shot and give me mine. Dreams do come true, I can’t forget that. A lot of people have it worse than me, I know that, but this is my life. I gotta keep my head down and push, push, push because for them…

Photo Sep 06, 1 54 33 PM I want more.

So long White Collar!

Well that is a wrap for me on the tv show White Collar. I was only on the job for a few episodes while I was on hiatus from The Good Wife on CBS. It was a really great show to work on, the crew was pretty awesome. I have been with The Good Wife since day one, so it was a nice change of pace to blow some stuff up and shoot some people. The style of the show is so much different than The Good Wife as far as stylization and shooting. White Collar loves the dolly as their low angles to emphases the world these characters live in while in the big city, while The Good Wife really concentrates on beauty and a crisp style of filming. I am looking forward to seeing the episodes on the air of White Collar, it’s going to be a great season! Thanks to all the people over there for welcoming me with open arms to this tight family, you will be missed.

White Collar on USA Network

Well I found a new home during my hiatus from The Good Wife. I will be working on the tv show White Collar on the USA Network for the next few months. This show is about a white collar criminal who agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer. It’s a much different pace from The Good Wife, but I welcome the change! The funniest part about doing this job is that while on The Good Wife I have to think about hiding NYC from the camera, on this show, they love NYC because it is set here. So, more of the landmarks and the skyscrapers the better for them. Here’s to a new show!

White Collar

Distribution deal!

My two short films have received distribution from MCTV and Continuum Pictures. Man, how exciting is that! For a while I didn’t want to do a distribution deal because these films were made as a platform to exhibit my work. Then I got to thinking, all they were doing is collecting dust! So, why not show they off with this great company! I spoke with the guys Danny Torres and James Duval, who were awesome, and worked it all out. The films will be in compilation pieces with other people’s films to make a viewing of 60 minutes. I am really excited about this and will let you know when they are out!

mctv-fullc_medScreen shot 2013-04-09 at 12.08.00 PM


This past sunday we filmed the music video for Row Dat Boat, man what a fun shoot. This was a song that the PA’s Emma and Self made while filming of The Good Wife. They are two great people and I really think they have some talent behind them. So, as always, when I see talent I want to get involved! My boys Michael Gomes and Vincent Morano along with a bunch of other people worked their asses off! I will post the video as soon as I edit it all together. Can’t wait!

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