Graphic Novels

On this page you can see the graphic novel presentations that I have created from two of the scripts my team and I have written.  Enjoy!

The Expired: Brady, a small town schoolteacher, was a normal guy, living a normal life in what he considered a pretty normal world. Deep down he longed for something different. One day, his wish came true…

A worldwide epidemic sends Brady, along with millions of other uninfected, unqualified soldiers, into battle with the Expired, a vicious infected army of the undead. At the end of the long conflict, Brady returns to his home a reluctant hero. This, however, is not the neighborhood he had known. In this new society, Expired and humans live side by side—carpooling, BBQ’ing, trick or treating, cheating on spouses—existing together in a skewed reality, an undead, twisted suburban life.

Brady, like many, quickly finds he wants his old life back, his old world. He self medicated himself to the point where reality and fantasy blurred causing him to walk around in a perpetual state of confusion, not sure of what to believe or who he could trust.

When he finally realizes his fears are real, he has to be a hero once more, to help find the truth about what’s become of his world.

A dinner party with Charles, an Expired, is Brady’s first step in taking back his neighborhood, and, eventually, his world.

Artwork and Coloring by Matthew Hill.


DEAD AGAIN: Bryan lives his life by one simple rule…NEVER GET INVOLVED. Especially with women. When he wakes up one day and discovers last night’s one night stand, Sarah, stuffed in the trash container in front of his house, he’s forced to break that rule.

He quickly enlists his roommate Dave to help dispose of the body. But before they can, a red line sizzles under Sarah’s breast as she suddenly comes back to life.

Sarah confides in them that she’s a wannabe demon-fighting angel. She’s on a holy quest to show the MAN upstairs that she has what it takes to be the first female demon fighter. With only nine chances and nine lives, each marked by a red strike on her body, her time is running out. Armed with a special blue serum that destroys the demons from within, goggles, uniforms, the works, Bryan, Sarah and Dave set out on a blood splattering, body count, comedic mission from god.

All that stands in their way is Gabriel, an Angel who has fallen out of favor with the man upstairs. He is determined to prove that Sarah and her mortal sidekicks are not ready for the job.

Artwork and Coloring by Marcus Collar.

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