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It’s been a little while since I have posted anything, so I thought it was time too. The biggest thing on my mind is the post production for my first feature film that I directed and co-wrote, “Zombies Vs. Joe Alien”. I will say that sometimes I do feel like a prisoner to this passion and I am sure these guys agree with me.


But we do it because we love it, no other reason. Now with all this complaining, I will say this, this film is turning out awesome! You all know that I raved about my producing parters during prep, they I couldn’t stop tell you all how awesome my cast/crew is when we were filming, but I don’t think that I talked too much about the post crew. As always, Ralph and Patrick are right there with me, but some new members have joined us in this stage. First and foremost is Michael Akers, our visual effects artist, man what I find! Mike is doing some things that are going to knock your socks off. I am so happy to have found this guy. It’s been a great collaboration, we tell him what we are thinking then he gives us his feedback then runs with it. I am learning to give people there space through him because I tell him what’s in my head, it sparks something in his, he ask to try something and then the end result… awesome. It has been so much fun and a lot of time, credit really goes to him for sticking through it all with us, thanks mike!

Zombies Vs Joe Alien

The next group is Chris Munger of the band My World. We have scored a trailer with them and now we are about to get into the feature and I couldn’t be more excited. Next is someone who helped us early on and created an amazing poster for us, Richard Johnson of Spectacle Photo, talk about talented! I met Rich back in Full Sail and I couldn’t be happier that we reconnected. Now I ¬†know what you are saying, “what poster?” It’s coming, I just want to hold on to it for when we release something special, so it’s coming soon. Next up is going to be coloring and audio design, I’ll post more when I get to that phase. So, the year will be 2015 and the movie will see the light of day. Who knows where it will go, but I am betting that you will see it somewhere, so stay tuned!

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