This is a ROUGH CUT of a scene from the short we are working on called, “Steal.Lie.Love.” The actors in this piece are Patrick Cooley (the big bald guy) and my cousin Ronnie Rosania (big guy tied to the chair). We had just gotten our Cannon 5D markii cameras and we excited to try them out.

Here is the trailer from my short film, The Highly Observant Bill White. This was a really fun project and will be available soon to see because it has been picked up from a distribution company. Details soon.


Here is a trailer for my first short ZOMBIE film, Eat Me. Nothing better in the world than doing a zombie flick! It will be available soon to view due to the distribution deal that was just signed!


This is from my first project that I ever did, The Noogies! Enjoy the trailer for the project and look for it soon on Netflix and more, I will keep everyone posted on this one.


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