So long White Collar!

Well that is a wrap for me on the tv show White Collar. I was only on the job for a few episodes while I was on hiatus from The Good Wife on CBS. It was a really great show to work on, the crew was pretty awesome. I have been with The Good Wife since day one, so it was a nice change of pace to blow some stuff up and shoot some people. The style of the show is so much different than The Good Wife as far as stylization and shooting. White Collar loves the dolly as their low angles to emphases the world these characters live in while in the big city, while The Good Wife really concentrates on beauty and a crisp style of filming. I am looking forward to seeing the episodes on the air of White Collar, it’s going to be a great season! Thanks to all the people over there for welcoming me with open arms to this tight family, you will be missed.

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